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Learn with Alyssa

Helping connect literacy research to practice in an emotionally sound and supportive environment.

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Why Choose to Learn with Alyssa?

At Learn with Alyssa, we leverage academic and instructional coaching support as a means to improve literacy outcomes. We serve students and educators privately and within education institutions.



How We Can Work Together

Private Literacy Instruction

Individualized tutoring sessions to support your struggling reader or writer, including English language learners and those with dyslexia.

Diagnostic Testing and Assessment

Assessment administration to help discover why your reader is struggling and uncover learning skills gaps and set academic targets.

Literacy Specialist Services

Contracted instructional support services for your school's struggling readers to meet your RTI/MTSS needs.

Strategic Instructional Coaching

Coaching sessions with instructional leaders paired with classroom observations and data analysis.

Professional Development

Emotionally sound professional development sessions focused on refining teachers' content knowledge.

All Inclusive Coaching & PD

Professional development session coupled with strategic coaching sessions with instructional leaders.



Are your students being provided with the explicit, systematic instruction they need to become proficient readers?

*Based on Nancy Young's Ladder of Reading, 95-100% of students can become proficient readers.

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