Casey F. - Mill Valley, CA

"Alyssa has been great! Her tutoring has helped our 3 kids immensely. She is patient and keeps the kids engaged while they learn and practice math. Alyssa is punctual and she is flexible in her teaching approach for different ages/learning styles! A great tutor!"


Roselala L. - Rohnert Park, CA

"My 4th grade son was really struggling with multiplication, especially when working with bigger numbers. It wasn’t making sense to him at school and I couldn’t help him. We contacted Alyssa and within a few online sessions he was feeling more confident and independent. She was gifted at connecting and engaging and found out so quickly what worked best for him as a learner. He actually and truly looked forward to his math sessions with her! Alyssa is a unicorn and I know she can help your child too!"


Lana M. - San Rafael, CA

My son was needing some help in 1st grade with English language development and spelling and reading. She worked online with him and was so flexible with our situation. Alyssa helped him and went above and beyond to work with his teachers and make a good plan for him. 


Lauren and David S. - Mill Valley, CA

"Our family feels so fortunate to have had the pleasure of working with Alyssa over the summer. Our daughter needed extra support in reading and Alyssa was perfect for the job! She engaged our daughter in a loving and supportive way and encouraged her growth in reading and writing. 

Alyssa made reading fun for our daughter and she always looked forward their time together and often remarked, “Reading is fun with Alyssa”! She gained strength in reading fluency, reading comprehension, and phonemic awareness skills. Alyssa even provided us with books and phonemic awareness activities for our daughter to do on vacation to continue to sharpen her skills. Our daughter’s confidence in reading and writing grew so much with Alyssa’s help. 

At the same time, we appreciated how Alyssa communicated clearly and effectively about our daughters’ progress. She let us know her strengths and communicated areas of need to help us better understand how we could support our daughter at home. She thoughtfully used assessments in order to instruct our daughter with best reading practices. 

Alyssa is an experienced reading teacher with a wide range of knowledge and expertise in reading and writing instruction and she has a genuine interest in helping your child succeed. We would gladly recommend Alyssa to anyone looking for a competent, engaging reading teacher for their child."


Matt and Whitney T. - San Francisco, CA

"We reached out to Alyssa a few months into the pandemic when our then 7 and 9 year-old children were about to begin a new year of virtual school (Fall 2020). We spent the end of the previous school year (Spring 2020) with both of them very frustrated with writing and us not sure how to best support them.

Alyssa’s instructional style supported both our very different children well. She not only created scaffolding to help them positively approach their virtual school assignments but also worked with them on individual writing projects which followed their interests. What we loved is how much they enjoyed their time with her. Everything was over Zoom and we’d often walk into a room during a session to see them smiling and giggling. We’ve also been impressed with how they have taken the tools she developed with them into the new school year (Fall 2021) which is now in person. They approach their new writing assignment with greater confidence and have more strategies to accomplish the work. We feel lucky she was able to help them grow during such a challenging year!"

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Ali D. - Mill Valley

"Alyssa came into our lives when my daughter was feeling frustrated about her progress in school. As a family, we couldn't figure out the missing link. Our daughter did her homework, read nightly, and paid attention in class but was still reading several levels below benchmark.  Alyssa was able to work with her and pinpoint the key areas that needed development and boost her confidence. More than an education specialist, Alyssa empowered our daughter with the tools to succeed and brought more ease and joy to our entire family.  Now our daughter meets and exceeds all expectations in school and we couldn't be more grateful!”


Erica and Edmund K. - Mill Valley, CA

"Luckily having known Ms. Althouse since our daughter was in first grade, we were pleased to be able to turn to her for supplementary tutoring during the recent lockdown and homeschooling period. Her classes were via a bi-weekly zoom. At the end of the year not only had our daughter's reading and writing greatly improved, but her then third-grade teacher wrote us to say how organized and prepared she was for each class, a reflection of Ms. Althouse’s pedagogical skills. Our daughter is now in fourth grade and reading at a fifth-grade level. We believe that Ms. Althouse created the foundation for organization and strong reading and writing skills and as a result, we will look to continue with her input to support our daughter's progress."


Alena L. - San Rafael, CA

“[My child] is VERY excited about lessons with you and, you’re right, she even figured out zoom login by herself. Thank you so much for your help!”