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Reading Foundations Workshop!

Foundations workshop flyer.png

Live group sessions specially curated for your K-2 reader to help them build the skills required for reading success (and they'll have fun doing it!). 


Virtual Flex Class (recodings available for 2 months!)


10 Sessions

(one per week)  


Sept 13 - Nov 15


Wednesdays 3:45-4:30 PST



Over the course of 10 weeks, your child will receive live, engaging, interactive instruction around 3 foundational skills that are absolutely required for reading success; phonemic awareness, alphabetic principle and phonics knowledge. Explicit instruction and practice with these skills will lead to automatic word recognition and fluency. Without a strong foundation, our readers will always struggle or have to work inefficiently. That is why I am a foundational skills fanatic! During this workshop, children will be invited to follow along with lessons, share out, play games, build their own classroom avatars, and much more. Can't make a class? No problem! Just watch and interact with the recordings and join us when you can. 

It's in teaching our children HOW to read, that they can learn to LOVE reading. Come learn with me!

Space is limited - Book now!

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